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  • Contact Information
    Türkiye Halk Sağlığı Kurumu Kampüsü K Blok
    Prof. Dr. Nusret Fişek Cad. No:41 Ankara / TURKEY
    Tel: +90312 585 28 00
    Fax: +90312 430 70 88
  • Directorate: +90 315 585 14 78
  • Operator: +90 312 585 15 00
24/7 Call Center 444-47-28
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Health Tourism

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism means traveling from the country of residence to another country in order to regain health with the purpose of getting treatment for any reason. In the recent years the Health Tourism became a very important alternative tourism option and is a rapidly increasing trend. Read more

Thermal Tourism

Turkey has a major significance because of the thermal water resources. The country's thermal waters, their flow and temperature as well as the various physical and chemical properties have a quality superior to the thermal waters in Europe. In the recent years the rapidly developing health tourism has accelerated the thermal investment.
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Elderly and Disabled Tourism<

Elderly and Disabled Tourism

Our guests come to our country within the scope of the elderly tourism and can benefit from the sightseeing tours and occupational therapy, as well as from the rehabilitation services in nursing homes. Special care for the disabled is provided in the clinic hotels and rehabilitation centers.
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You are invited to Turkey to regain your health...

Refresh Yourself With the Health Tourism in Turkey!

In the last decade Turkey is ready to take its rightful share from the world health tourism market thanks to the reforming improvements and regulations.
Beginning with the geographical location, Turkey is in the middle point between the Middle East, Europe, the Balkans and Africa and is able to be a Pioneer country in Health Tourism with its ßadvanced doctors and medical personnel, easy access, travelling options without visa from 62 countries and high technologies. Especially because of the historical and cultural ties we are in a position to have much greater advantages.

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